Buffalo Chicken

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Hey look, we get it. Sometimes going “all natural” just feels right, and we can’t blame you. Especially when that means delighting yourself to a slice of our Cheese pizza with tomato sauce, 100% real cheese, traditional crust, and… well, that’s it. Ah, it’s so liberating!


Small – $11.49

Toppings – $1.30

Medium – $18.49

Toppings – $1.75

Large – $21.49

Toppings – $2.25

1/2 Sheet – $23.49

Toppings – $2.50

Full Sheet – $42.99

Toppings – $3.75


  1. 5 out of 5

    Have loved Trotto’s pizza since I’ve been a kid. @ 30 I still favor Trotto’s unless I decide to change it up once in a while. The crust is my favorite part of their pizza, so good. You can tell the pie is going to be good when you go pick it up because it smells so darn good inside. Wish they were open earlier so we could use them at work on our lunch breaks.

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